High Spatiotemporal Resolution Label-Free
3D Microscopy
A Disruptive Imaging Modality To Support NanoPrint and Look At Bio-samples

Scientific Insight

Scientific Insight

Powered by tomographic holography, our label-free microscopy uses highly resolved refractive index mapping as contrast mechanism to visualize the most fine structures of photonic devices, micro-fluidic components, optical fiber devices and biological cells in 3D with the spatial resolution beyond diffraction limit and the temporal resolution up to ~2000 frame/second.  

Technical Highlights

Technical Highlights

  • Quantitative refractive index (RI) 3D imaging with the RI resolution up to 5/1000

  • Ultra-low excitation laser power suitable for photonic devices and live cells

  • Simultaneous observation of holistic mapping of RI

  • In-vivo cell biology study available 

Leading Techniques Features

  • Fastest 3D imaging speed with up to ~ 2000frame/second

  • Optional integration version with multiple imaging modalities

  • Large 3D field of view up to 0.001mm



Current Configuration


An exemplary high resolution 3D RI imaging

Photonic device and Bio-photonic Research
Photonic device and Bio-photonic Research
  • Key optical communication devices design

  • Photonics devices and components characterization

  • Clinical and Diagnostical Research: Fetation, cell development and blood related disease

Fundamental/ Frontier Science and Research
Fundamental/ Frontier Science and Research
  • Cell biology: general field of living cell dynamics (Stem cells, neuron cells)

  • Educational tutorial and demonstration

  • Biomedical big data science platform