Innofocus at Technical Seminar for Micro-nano Structure Preparation and Characterization

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

On Mar 13th, Innofocus attended the Technical Seminar for Micro-nano Structure Preparation and Characterization--a supporting event of the 14th National Conference on Laser Technology and Optoelectronics. On this event, CEO Frank Yao introduced NanoPrint3D Femtosecond Laser Nanoprinting System. Here is the highlights of his presentation.

Frank Yao (Innofocus CEO) atTechnical Seminar for Micro-nano Structure Preparation and Characterization

Taking Nanofabrication Into a New Level

About Innofocus Photonics Australia

Innofocus is a high-tech company established in Melbourne, Australia.

We aim at providing innovative products, solutions and services, leveraging our key competencies in photonics, optoelectronics, advanced manufacturing and materials, big data analytics, and intelligent image recognition.

Nanoprinting technology is not new, however not easy to use

By reviewing the history of manufacturing, Frank concluded that material engineering evolution has been a major driving force, and here we come to the era of nanofabrication.

The concept of nanoprinting technology is not new, however most clients are reluctant to use it due to the difficulties in use and requirements of intensive experience.

Innofocus offers the all-in-one turn-key femtosecond laser 3d nanoprinting system, NanoPrint, which allows all kinds of users to fast produce results with highest quality, yield and efficiency.

Key features of Innofocus NanoPrint 3D Product Family

NanoPrint 3D is defined as a combination of "more", "faster", "better", "less" and "intelligent".

  • More: more material choices, more input formats, more application fields, more characterization methods;

  • Faster: multifocal printing; accelerate experiment, easy learning;

  • Better: no distortion structure; cross sectional profile meet requirement, surface tracing, better service;

  • Less: less& protect investment; sustainable upgrading, save customer hour;

Enable more applications in frontier research and advanced manufacturing

Digital transformation is on, and competition is fierce worldwide, the high precision manufacturing provided by our easy-learning intelligent nanoprinting system, allows the acceleration of industry revolutions as well as technology advancement.