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Intelligent Laser Nano-Fabrication System

We proudly launch Innofocus NanoPrint Intelligent Laser Nano-Fabrication System! We offer standard model systems, we also provide bespoke model design, manufacrturing and system integration services based on customers' requests.



Intelligent Lasr Nano-Fabrication System

Femtosecond laser 3D nanoprinting technology has broad applications in areas like Micro-Optics, Integrated Photonics, Microfluidics, Biomimetics, Cell Scaffolds Biology and so on. However, it can be difficult to set up and requires intensive experience to use.


  • Easy Learning

  • Automated Process

  • Broad Material Choice

  • Compatible With More File Formats

  • Multi-focal Spots Array (Speed Up Whole Process)

  • Structure Profile Control (Crucial For Waveguide Fabrication)

  • Surface Tracing (Essential For 2D Material Fabrication)

  • Integrated With In-Situ Characterization (Read Your Results Right Away After Writing)

Broad Material Choice

Broader choice in material enables wider range of application for both academic and industry.



The feature, In-Situ Observation for Real Time Response, highly reduces the cycle for commissioning the parameters and remarkably increases the success rate. 

Compatible with any most commonly used 2D bitmaps, 2D vector images, and 3D structure files

Format Compatibility

Focal Spot Shaping



Our incomparable technology in Focal Spot Shaping enables finer and stronger structure in laser writing.

Surface Tracing

Our unique technology allows writing on curved or tilted surface, which realises high quality fabrication on 2D materials for the first time.

Remote Control

The specialized mobile APP for NanoPrint allows users to monitor and even control the fabrication process remotely.

Material Supply

Our material supply service frees users from preparing the samples, and thus speeds up the fabrication process to a great extent.

Graphene Solar Thermal Film enabled by Innofocus┬« NanoPrint     can efficiently absorb sunlight while limiting blackbody heat-loss to almost zero. It could be a New Way to Harvest Renewable Energy (reported by IEEE Spectrum).