Biomedical Frontier Research

Our laser and imaging technologies are serving various of fundamental scientific fields including femto-second laser fabrication for low dimension materials, super-resolution living cell biomedical research and ultra-short pulsed laser science.

Smart Farming

Collaborating with our technology partners, including academic researchers at universities in Australia and the US, we developed a smart sensor device, which, through simply clipping onto a leaf, probes for physiological changes corresponding to specific states of a plant's health. By examining the leaf structure via the broadband visible/near-infrared light, this device extracts valuable information on the leaves' internal mechanism that is unrecognizable by traditional measurement. Also developed is an intelligent, cloud-based algorithm that can accurately diagnoses the stresses afflicting the plant.

Healthcare Data Analytics

Our high spatiotemporal 3D cellular imaging provides unique characterization capabilities for clinical and diagnostic applications covering blood related diseases, immunizations, fetation and cell developments.

Green Energy Alternatives

Innofocus endeavors to promote the deployment of low-cost and highly efficient renewable energy. Among various renewable energy sources, solar energy is the most abundant in amount and readily accessible everywhere over the world. However, to make renewable energy competitive to the existing fossil fuel energy, the cost and stability hold the key. Innofocus developed ultrathin graphene solar collector to realise highly efficient solar thermal conversion. Through engineering the nanopores, the graphene film can absorb near all the solar irradiation from 0.3-2.5 um. Taking advantage of the high thermal conductivity of graphene, the device has achieved record high conversion efficiency.  Due to the ultrathin nature of the film, it could be conformally coated on any object effectively transfer the collected heat. The devices could be used for low cost sea water declination, waste water process, effective steam generation and thermal energy storage et al.

Micronano Fabrication

Innofocus provides industry and organisations with unparalleled technologies and facilities with which to explore conceptual ideas for manufacturing next generation products. The state-of-the-art nanofabrication technology, advanced imaging and characterisation technology, data acquisition and processing capability and frontier design technology that Innofocus specialised give our customers the great opportunity to use the latest manufacturing techniques to develop an internationally competitive, highly productive, technologically advanced and highly value-adding manufacturing sector, thriving Australian economy.