Automated Thinfilm Coating Machine


Automated Thinfilm Coating Machine

We supply:

  • Standard Automated Thinfilm Coating Machine

  • Customised design and manufacturing of Automated Thinfilm Coating Machine

  • Coated Thinfilm layered films/products

Innofocus is proudly participating in ARC SEAM Program to support surface engineering for advanced materials.

Innofocus provided Automated Thinfilm Coating Machine to Centre for Translational Atomaterials of Swinburne University of Technology in January 2020, to support ARC SEAM program and to accelerate metamaterials research and development.

Thinfilm metamaterials have supernormal physical properties that could have profound impact on next generation of information technology, new energy technology and biomedical technology. However, conventional techniques in fabricating this metamaterial have certain obstacles that limit the improvement and the realisation of further functions. 

Our solution provides a transfer-free, solution-phase deposition method which enables multi-layer films on substrates with any kind of surface, size and shape, without comprising the coating quality for solar energy appliacations.  

Our Technology

Our Uniqueness

Broad Compatibiility

Capable of coating on varied surfaces and shapes, e.g., silicon wafers, resin lenses, PET films

Stable Quality

Quality remains stable at up to 100 layers,  film thickness accurately controllable

Large Scale

Up to 12 inch (diameter)


Automated process saves efforts and cost effective


  • Ultrathin Microfluidic Flat Lens

  • Integrated Optics

  • Solar Thermal Thinfilm

Media Release

“We are working with a private company, Innofocus Photonics Technology, that has commercialized a coating machine to lay down the graphene and dielectric layers, and we are satisfied with that. What we are now looking for is a suitable method for large scale production of the copper substrate.”

"Solar Thermal Film Could Be a New Way to Harvest Renewable Energy", IEEE.