Simon Johnston is an honors graduate of the University of Washington. He had great experience in the areas of selling business equipment, dental materials and medical diagnostics. Throughout his career path, Mr Johnston has been always playing an active and passionate role in establishing and operating technology product enterprises, and he is also a visionary entrepreneur in the recent years supporting incubation and development of high-tech start-ups.

In 1979, Mr Johnston started his first business Scientific Resource Associates, a biomedical products distribution business. In 1990, he patented a dental device and started a company Clearline Inc. to manufacture and sell products in the area of antimicrobial textiles. He has rich experience in collaborating with universities, including the University of California, University of Texas and the University of South Dakota etc., on licencing technology IP and transforming them into commercial products.

Mr Johnston has founded a company in the U.S. 5 years ago involving chemical technologies in area of antimicrobials and odor control, and this company’s products branded as NonScents are very popular and well sold in both online and offline market channels. Mr Johnston is also an active inventor contributed to several patents granted by the USPTO. Recently he has started new company Medetech Corporation that has licensed the medical and healthcare applications of some really disruptive patented technologies, aiming at producing high-performance, ultra-long-acting, full-scenario sterilization and disinfection products and solutions.