Sergio Dutra is an enterprise security architect at NBN. He has experience with all aspects of software development, including design, architecture, coding, and quality management; and has worked on typically large software products with a focus on security. Sergio has always had a passion for building secure, usable, and high-quality software. He has a track record of making software security understandable and achievable for product teams, solving problems analytically, and keeping a sharp focus on customers and business objectives.

Sergio started his software career in earnest in 1996 at Microsoft, where he worked on cryptography, public key infrastructure, biometrics, smart cards, and other Windows operating system components. Sergio took several leadership roles at Microsoft, including a role as a test manager; mentoring security champions and coordinating security efforts across a development team of three hundred developers; and working with over nine teams across three business units to create a threat model for a complex product involving many components.

Sergio started focusing exclusively in security at Xero accounting software in 2016, where he worked closely with large parts of the business to design secure products and educate all staff on software security. Before starting his current role at NBN, Sergio contracted as a security architect at a utilities company supporting the secure development of a large project.

Sergio studied electronic engineering at University of Massachusetts and received a certificate on security risk analysis from Penn State University. He has held a CSSLP from ISC2.